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Innovative online booking software that scales with you as you grow your business.

Booking Management

Create, view, and edit bookings with the click of a button, or touch of your finger. Our bar graph timelimes ("Daily Timeline" displayed in screenshot) are a popular quick reference, however we offer many other detailed tables/graphs to appease the masses.

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Fast Data Entry

Finally a limo software that allows you to enter bookings FAST! Our developers spent a lot of time adding key features to allow the quickest possible data entry, regardless of the device you're using. Almost all limo softwares claim to allow fast data entry, but we're confident you'll find ours the fastest.

  • Average Entry Time: 1-2 Minutes
  • Google Maps Integration: Yes
  • Mobile Responsive Form: Yes
  • Quick Date/Time Select: Yes
  • Returning Client Lookup: Yes

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fast entry limo software

Clean Booking Summary

Save time by being able to quickly find trip details on our booking summary page.

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limo software booking summary

Payment Processing

We've fully integrated Stripe into Kymark Bookings Limo Software. Process charges, pre-authorizations, release pre-authorizations (full/partial), refund (full/partial), store cards and so much more.

  • Rates: 2.9% + $0.30 per successful card charge
  • Credit Card Payments: Yes
  • Debit Card Payments: Yes
  • Monthly Fee: No

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Online Quote Form

Embed a small script directly on your website that allows your customers to provide their trip details online. This information will then display in your administration panel under quotes.

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Customer & Account Management

Create, view, or edit customer & account data with the click of a button, or touch of your finger. Know your customer and their specific needs.

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Easily, and clearly dispatch trips to drivers. Receive acknowledgment from the driver when they accept/decline the trip, with a time stamp.

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